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As much as we'd LOVE to be affiliated with an app like GoodNotes, we're not. We create PDF files and PNG files. We offer those for you to download and import to your favorite note taking app (GoodNotes, Zoom Notes, etc.).

However, because so many people love to use GoodNotes, we do you a favor and set up the files for you by importing the PDF into GoodNotes and placing all of the individual sticker PNG files into a GoodNotes book for you. YEAH!

However, with GoodNotes 5 there is a GLITCH. We are not able to manage this. We are not affiliated with them so this is a tech issue on their end. The problem we are seeing is people importing a GoodNotes file from us and randomly, some people get all of the pages from their book and other are missing the last few pages. There isn't anything we can do on our end. If you want to submit a ticket to GoodNotes and complain you can do it here. We have done this as well.

Until then:

  • You can download our PDF file and import it into GoodNotes and you can also download the zip file of the PNGs and unzip and drag each one in that you need to your sticker book in GoodNotes via the Files app. I know it's an inconvenience but it's beyond our control. I wish they wouldn't have released 5.
  • If you can, use GoodNotes 4, re-download it if you had it prior, or purchase it separately that would be best! It doesn't have the glitches.
  • Some of our team members say they have to keep deleting a file and re-downloading and importing multiple times and it eventually loads the entire file.
  • Closing out all of your apps and rebooting and then re-downloading and importing helps too.

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GoodNotes 5 has a glitch where it doesn't want to always import all of the pages of your download. We are not affiliated with GoodNotes and this has been reported. We suggest you do the same! Learn how to get around this on our FAQ page (under Contact Menu). Dismiss