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Digital Planner Inserts | Fitness with Sticker Set by Holly


It’s a new year and it’s time to get fit! Our Fitness Inserts and Sticker Set for digital Pixel Planners makes it easy to add them to your existing planner or duplicate and create a separate planner for tracking your health journey! Please scroll down to review the entire product description details and a possible video for instructions.

Sold By: Holly Pixels


It’s a new year and it’s time to get fit! Our Fitness Inserts and Sticker Set for digital Pixel Planners makes it easy to add them to your existing planner or duplicate and create a separate planner for tracking your health journey!

Fitness Inserts + Sticker Set for Digital Planners Includes

This set of inserts currently fits our Pixel Planner 2.0 planner. We are working on making a set available for our new Horizontal Planner. This message will update when that is ready.

When making your purchase you will see multiple file types to download. Choose what you need (no need to download them all).

For GoodNotes Users

We’ve provided a GoodNotes optimized version of our Fitness Inserts + Sticker Book. Everything you need is one book ready to upload to GoodNotes. Then, copy and paste your inserts or stickers into the Pixel Planner you have to customize your digital planner.

You also will get a download file for the Inserts/Sticker Book that you can reuse as you wish or add pages to keep a separate sticker book for your entire collection.

  1. 1 GoodNotes Fitness Inserts + Sticker Book (2.9 MB)

The sticker books have a hyperlinked home button and a blank spread in the back so you can duplicate the pages and use it for other stickers.

For Non GoodNotes Users

We are GoodNotes experts so while we tend to produce tutorials and support for our files in that app, we do want to give other note taking app users the option to use our inserts.

  1. 1 ZIP file of Inserts in PNG format (209 KB)
  2. 1 ZIP file of Stickers in PNG format (1.5 MB)

Everyone gets a PDF file of our instructions and Hex codes to match.

Important Note for EVERYONE

Our digital planning files are optimized at 150 DPI and are not meant for printing. Our Inserts sets are NOT PDF pages. They are PNG files that are used just like stickers. You duplicate your blank page spreads of your Pixel Planners and place the inserts into each page to use. We do NOT offer embedded versions of these because we offer too many colors for one reason and that would take eons of time to make, and secondly there would be NO way to make them work with your hyperlink functionality.

Inserts + Stickers Included

You’re getting with this set in addition to the above documents:

  • Over 100 matching stickers for use in your planner
  • Fitness Goals Tracker
  • Before and After Log
  • Weekly Meal and Exercise Plan
  • Weekly Wellness Log
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Reflections Log
  • Exercise Challenge
  • Individual Goals Log
  • Grocery Shopping Planner
  • Monthly Fitness Planner
  • Log of Steps and Calories
  • Ruled Notes (GoodNotes Version)
  • Dotted Grids (GoodNotes Version)
  • Graphs (GoodNotes Version)

Duplicate and use them over and over again.

Instructions & Demonstration

We put together an informercial to help you better understand our digital planner products and how to use them.

GoodNotes files are files and you should not UNZIP this file! You download it and install as is per our video instructions.

How to Use Inserts

Learn about Pixel Planner 2.0

Digital Planner Product Notice

All products created for digital planners sold at Holly Shoppe / Holly Pixels are optimized for digital use and have a resolution of 150 dpi. These are not suitable for printing and are not to be considered printables. These products are created to use with popular iPad tablet tools like GoodNotes. We have indicated how much space your device will need for this download.


This product is copyright protected and is the property of Holly McCaig Creative, LLC. Purchase of a digital file from Holly Pixels/Holly Shoppe (Holly McCaig Creative, LLC) and the respective designer does not transfer rights to the buyer. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to our terms of use that you may not share or redistribute these products free or for sale. This product is for personal use only. All products are protected by United States copyright laws.


Due to the nature of digital delivery we cannot provide refunds. Please inquire about product before making your purchase to avoid purchasing something that doesn’t work for you or your device. You may use our Help Page to submit a ticket.