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Save money every month by joining the Pixel Pack. Your digital planner membership gives you access to the items you’re already buying at a much lower price. Plus you get our entire library of exclusive sticker/embellishment packs launched each month as a member that you can’t get anywhere else.

Purchase your monthly or annual membership option now and get immediate access!


Here’s what you get when you sign up today. Then, every first Thursday of the month a new set of products is released.

This month's official Pixel Planner Stickers, Embellishments and Journal Cards

(Sample packs stay up every month no matter when you join!)

PLUS A 10% discount on products in the Holly Shoppe category when you sign up for our annual membership! + GET ACCESS TO SNEAK PEEKS! Invite to join our Slack Group for support, preview and other fun exclusives.

How Does It Work?

What does it cost to join the Pixel Pack?

We have a monthly and annual membership option. When you pay for 12 months up front you get a significant discount along with a 10% discount on digital planning tools in the Holly Shoppe category of our shoppe. Scroll down to see our current plan pricing. (This discount is not on all products, click link to see what is included). Our Monthly Plan requires a 3-month commitment up front. Then you are billed for each month after the 3 months.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. However, we do not pro-rate or provide refunds if your membership billing was processed and you choose to cancel after the fact. It's your responsibility to create a reminder on your calendar to cancel ahead of your billing date to avoid a continuation. If you cancel out of the Monthly plan before the next launch you won't get the next launch. Your membership will end just before that.

How do I cancel?

Login to your account in the My Shoppe Account section at the top and locate your MEMBERSHIP in your dashboard and then manage to cancel.

How do I access the included items?

Once you join a membership option (annual or monthly) you will need to make sure you are logged into your shoppe account by clicking on My Shoppe Account at the top of the screen (right side in blue) and locate MEMBERSHIP section. Prior month collections are expired each month on a new launch day and you only receive the new months going forward until you cancel. You can follow the Membership Welcome page from there to see the current month's products with links. You will then be able to add those items to your cart and checkout with no charge. The reason it operates this way is so that you can access your downloads from your account even after you cancel, including any updates we make to files if needed. You can also click on DISCOUNTS to see the products you can add to your cart at no charge for that calendar month.

What is the value of items?

Each month you get our newly launched official Pixel Planner monthly stickers, embellishment pack and journal cards along with our official monthly Procreate bullet starter pack. These expire each new launch day so you need to get your set before the first Thursday of each month. Plus you get an exclusive sticker/embellishment sampler that only members can get - these stay up every month NO MATTER when you join! When you sign up for our Annual membership you also get a 10% discount code each month to use on digital planning tools in the Holly Shoppe category shoppe (does not include brushes, courses or art related products - click here to see this category). So the value is well over $25 worth of digital planner products each month.

How do I use my discount?

As a member, the discount for your membership plan automatically applies at checkout as long as you are logged into your account. You can also see the items included at your 10% discount in the DISCOUNT section of the MEMBERSHIP area of your dashboard when logged in to your shoppe account. We cannot provide refunds after you checkout so make sure this shows at checkout first. If you have issues use our support ticket system so we can assist you first.

What else do we get?

From time to time we send free goodies to our members via our Membership Welcome page that you can click on in the MEMBERSHIP section. Be sure to scroll down each time you visit that page to see what's new for you to download free.

How do we know when new items are released?

We launch new sets every first Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. MST. Plus we'll send you an email to remind you to get your goodies! We disable the current membership items at the end of the month before the next launch so don't delay getting them! This means the sticker set, the embellishment set and the journal card set along with the BuJo Pack will expire and you don't get access to past collections.

Pixel Plan Monthly

$16 (3 Mo Commmitment) per Month
  • Valued at over $20 a month
  • Monthly Sticker Pack
  • Monthly Embellishment Pack
  • Monthly Journal Card Pack
  • Monthly Procreate BuJo Pack
  • Exclusive Sticker/Embellishment Pack (includes past packs)
  • Random Freebies Throughout the Year + Slack Group Invite for Support and Chat
  • Billed for 3 Months $48 and then $16 a month after (3 month commitment required)

Pixel Plan Annual

$168 per Year
  • Valued at over $240 a year
  • Monthly Sticker Pack
  • Monthly Embellishment Pack
  • Monthly Journal Card Pack
  • Monthly Procreate BuJo Pack
  • Exclusive Sticker/Embellishment Pack (includes past packs)
  • Random Freebies Throughout the Year + Slack Group Invite for Support and Chat
  • 10% Discount on Limited Products